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Thongsook College

Thongsook College is a private educational institution in Bangkok, Thailand.  It offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in fields such as business administration, management, accounting, information technology, and communication arts. The college aims to provide quality education and practical skills to prepare students for the professional world. The campus is known for its modern facilities and conducive learning environment.
Founded in 1995 and recognized by the Thai Ministry of Education (MOE), Thongsook College offers Bachelor's and Master's programs to Thai students. The Faculty of International Programs, established in 2012, presents two undergraduate programs licensed and regulated by the Ministry of Education Thailand, acknowledged internationally by UKNARIC and WES-USA. The college proudly introduced the first Bachelor of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (BA TESOL) in Bangkok, maintaining a commitment to delivering quality graduates locally, nationally, and internationally. Notably, in June 2012, the Office of Higher Education Commission (OHEC) sanctioned the Bachelor of Business Administration in Management (BBA), with official applications for the program opening and classes commencing in January 2018.

Thongsook College is dedicated to providing its students with the best possible education. To uphold and enhance program quality, it adheres to the ASEAN Framework for Higher Education and collaborates closely with its student body. This collaborative approach ensures that the program meets the student's needs and continuously improves where feasible. Offering a supportive and collaborative environment, Thongsook College is an excellent choice for those aspiring to become English teachers and seeking a truly international education.

College President
Dr Pornjit Arunyakanon

The president of Thongsook College, whose official duties are to confer degrees on graduating students, and to chair the College’s Court. The president also plays a key role in the College’s life as an ambassador for
the academic institution of Thailand which coincides with international education institutions.
“My vision is to cultivate Thongsook College not onlyacademically, but to be recognized locally and Internationally with the aim of providing a
quality educational facility for dedicated students worldwide”.
Dr Pornjit Arunyakanon

Dr. Pornjit Arunyakanon
President Thongsook College

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