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APA format 7th Ed.

APA format refers to the style and guidelines established by the American Psychological Association (APA) for formatting academic documents, particularly in the social sciences. The APA format provides rules for structuring and formatting various elements of a paper, including the layout, citations, references, and overall presentation. It is widely used in academic writing, especially in disciplines such as psychology, education, and the social sciences.

Some key features of the APA format include:

Title page with specific information such as the title, author's name, and institutional affiliation.
Abstract summarizing the main points of the paper.
Proper formatting for headings and subheadings to organize the content.
In-text citations using the author-date method to acknowledge sources within the text.
Reference list at the end of the document that provides detailed information about the sources cited in the paper.
Specific guidelines for formatting tables, figures, and other visual elements.
Following the APA format accurately is essential for maintaining consistency and ensuring proper attribution of sources in academic writing.

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